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Hi! I am Martina Chamrad,
a Munich-based writer.


Latest projects: 

BOOM |Comedy, streaming in the ARD Mediathek  (<-click to find out more)

ARD Kultur


Release January 2024

Produced by DRIVE beta

ROUTE 4 I Documentary, streaming on JOYN (<-click to find out more)

aired 24.10.22 at 20.15 on Pro7 

Writer / Director

Produced by Boxfish


I craft words since 2012 that make you laugh, or maybe shed a tear (if you're into that). AND I hate writing about myself more than reading reviews. So if you're interested in working with me, shoot me an Email and I'll slide my portfolio your way.


Or - crazy idea - give me an old-school telephone call.

I am a Millennial, I will actually answer it.



Tel: +49 (0)152 5534 62 37

Büro: +49 (0) 89 28978136

Westendstraße 147 RGB, c/o SerialKillustrators, 80339 München

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