My name is Martina Chamrad. I studied communication design (BA) and have been working as a director, art director and copywriter in film since 2010.

Until today my work is strongly influenced by my studies which were heavily shaped by teachers who came directly from big advertising agencies but also by masters of their guild and artists like Thomas and Martin Poschauko. It was therefore the perfect mix of art, applied craftsmanship and commercial work.

In my work, the goal is always to develop a strong concept, on which everything else can be built. Without a concept, a film becomes arbitrary and aimless. 

Personally, I want to touch the audience through my films. They must evoke emotions, be it astonishment or just a simple giggle. 


Email:  m.chamrad@live.com

Tel: +49 (0)152 5534 62 37

Westendstraße 147 RGB, c/o SerialKillustrators, 80339 München