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Odenwälder Freilandmuseum Portraits.png

Position: Writer / Director

Client Name: Odenwälder Freilandmuseum

Project Name: Aussterbende Handwerksberufe

Production Company: Krawallfilm

Currently in production.

Aussterbende Handwerksberufe (2021)

The Odenwald Open-Air Museum was opened in 1990 and shows in two assemblies how people lived in the Odenwald, in the Bauland and on the upper Neckar in rural areas before the mechanization of agriculture. Part of the museum's mission is to present old handicrafts so that they are not forgotten. We are currently producing seven films that portray a wide variety of crafts. From cone pickers to basket weavers.

In this beautiful project which will be published in May 2021 I participate as a writer and director.

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